Lurnby doesn't really work as much as you work. :)

Lurnby doesn't do any magic - for a software product, it might even be a little bit boring.

You add things to read. You read them. You highlight as you read. You organize your highlights into groups you create. You reflect.

But we guess it's the details that are important...

The details.

  1. With Lurnby, you can add all of your reading content to a single place - whether that's web articles, ebooks, pdfs, newsletters, etc.
  2. Reading is easy. Choose your settings, get rid of ads, follow your progress.
  3. Keep only what's meaningful to you. Highlight key concepts and passages, add notes, group your highlights so you can build larger mental concepts across everything you are reading.
  4. Remember more with reviews. Lurnby supports active recall practice and spaced repetition.
  5. Write articles, essays, or posts with your highlights to deepen your comprehension.
Damn. I'm excited - how much do you want for it?