I've never been more excited for anything. This has everything I want!

Lurnby is currently in beta. What this means is that we fibbed a little bit. Not all of the features we mentioned earlier are live already. Sorry.

What works now?

  1. You can add content from the web, we even have chrome and firefox extensions.
  2. You can add your ebooks if they are in epub format.
  3. You can add anything else through manual copy and paste.
  4. You can set your personal reading preferences, and you can read without ads.
  5. You can highlight as you read and you can create groups for organizing your highlights.

What's coming?

  1. Export your highlights + notes in csv/json format
  2. pdf support
  3. Recall + spaced repetition practice
  4. WYSIWYG editor for document creation
  5. Search

If this fib wasn't a deal breaker, then first consider supporting us on Patreon, and then hit that button below and start learning.

So you're not all talk then. Take me away!